Australian Manufacturing Workers Union

The Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union (AMWU) represents workers across all areas of manufacturing. The AMWU is among Australia’s oldest unions, being founded in 1851, but also its most modern, with members who make clean energy products, hi-tech manufactures and hybrid vehicles.

AMWU members earn more money, and have better conditions than non-union workers.

The AMWU also has programs for apprentices and young workers, to help them understand their rights at work when they’re starting out.

Who can join the AMWU?

Anybody who works in Australia’s manufacturing industry, including:

  • general manufacturing;
  • metals and engineering;
  • ship building;
  • car and truck assembly plants;
  • printing;
  • food processing;
  • confectionery manufacturing;
  • technical, supervisory and administrative positions.

AMWU members work at iconic and world leading companies like Qantas, Holden, Ford and Toyota, Amcor, Nestle, Cochlear and many more, but also thousands of small and medium businesses.

AMWU history: A campaigning union

The AMWU is proud of its tradition of thoughtful, tough, but disciplined campaigning. The AMWU’s style is reflected in the nickname given to a group of its early leaders: the ‘mindful militants’.

The lasting results of historic campaigns, often led by the AMWU, speak for themselves:

  • workers’ compensation
  • occupational health and safety laws
  • long service leave
  • annual holidays
  • superannuation
  • Medicare
  • the award system of basic standards
  • parental leave
  • paid sick leave
  • paid public holidays
  • 38 hour week
  • penalty rates for overtime and weekend work
  • workplace amenities such as lunch rooms, showers, change rooms, lockers and hot and cold running water
  • bereavement leave

Today, AMWU members spend a great deal of effort ensuring that unionists are seen to be active in the community as well as the workplace.

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