ACTU Worksite for Schools is designed for Years 9 and 10 students across Australia.

To help teachers to get the most out of Worksite we are now adding in links to the Australian Curriculum.

By linking our content to the Australian Curriculum we seek to provide teachers with an up-to-date and relevant digital resource.

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Worksite has four key parts

Work experience

Most students will be involved in a formal work experience program in Year 10. ACTU Worksite has a simple work experience diary that guides students through some of the key questions they should answer during their work experience like pay rates, safety, leave and training.

First job

Whether it is a casual job at the local supermarket, an apprenticeship or a graduate position – there are many ‘rules’ about work that students starting their first jobs will benefit from knowing.

Rights at work

It’s important for all workers to be aware of their rights and how to get help if they are being exploited or exposed to harm.

The role of unions

Unions have played an important role in shaping Australia and the way we work. Working hours, workplace safety, equal opportunity and better wages are all part of the union story. Worksite has fact sheets on the many aspects of daily working life that have changed due to union efforts, and are now seen as basic working rights.

ACTU Worksite for schools is your place to find out about first jobs, rights at work and the role of unions in Australia.

Wave Hill special feature

Just over fifty years ago the Gurindji people stopped work and walked off the Wave Hill station for equal pay and land right. In recognition of this important action, Worksite presents a special education feature on the events and the legacy.

Incursions for schools

A number of state based union councils can organise incursions or
speakers about unions or workplace issues. Their contact details are:

  1. Queensland Council of Unions (07) 3846 2468
  2. Unions ACT (02) 6247 7844
  3. Unions NSW (02) 9881 5999
  4. Unions NT (08) 8941 0001
  5. Unions Tasmania (03) 6234 9553
  6. SA Unions (08) 8279 2222
  7. Unions WA (08) 9328 7877
  8. Victorian Trades Hall Council (03) 9659 3511


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