4: Starting your job search


  • Browse online job ads
  • Check regularly for opportunities

There are lots of good websites you can use to browse available jobs, making it easier than ever to see who’s hiring. Remember to check the websites of different employers as well – many companies list their available jobs on the employment page of their website.

Vacant jobs usually don’t stay vacant for long, so it’s worth being on the lookout for opportunities as they come up. Check for new jobs fairly regularly and you’ll maximise your chances of finding one that suits you. You won’t find everything online though…


  • Look in person

When you’re on the hunt for a job, it’s good to actually show up at your local shopping centre and have a look around. Some smaller places only advertise job vacancies with a sign in the window, which you could miss if you only search online.


  • Talk to friends and family
  • Find unadvertised jobs

‘Networking’ is just a fancy word for talking to the people you know and meeting new people – that’s really all it is. However, a lot of jobs are never advertised, so asking people if they know of any opportunities (networking) can sometimes be just as valuable as looking through normal methods.

Christmas Casuals

  • Many employers hire more staff for Christmas

Christmas is a busy time for many employers, especially in the retail industry. Lots of retailers hire ‘Christmas casuals’ to help meet the increased demand of Christmas shoppers and often start recruiting in October or earlier. Find out when some of the businesses near
you start accepting applications for Christmas casuals.

Dodgy job ads

Watch out for dodgy job ads like these so you don’t get taken advantage of.

ACTU Worksite for Schools

  • If it seems too good to be true, it probably is – watch out for scams.
  • An inflated job title might be disguising a dodgy job. Look for clear job descriptions.
  • Legit job ads should include details of the employer. You should also be able to contact them for more info.

ACTU Worksite for Schools


Be suspicious!

Be suspicious of any job ads indicating that only workers of a certain gender, age, race or sexual identity need apply. That’s discrimination and it’s illegal! With the exception of acting or modelling, what you look like shouldn’t matter for a job and employers shouldn’t need a photo of you.

Do some research

What kinds of jobs are there in your local area? Ask some of the older students at your school where they work and how they got their job. Ask your parent or guardian about their first job – what was it and how did they get it? They might have some good ideas.

Look online, in person and ask around

There are heaps of ways to commence your job search. Explore online, in person and ask around. Family and friends can help you make a great start.

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