Industry Funds Forum

The Industry Funds Forum (IFF) actively represents the interests of members of industry superannuation funds to politicians, regulators and the media.

Superannuation is money held in an account and invested to help employees have an income after they retire.

Industry super funds work hard to maximise members’ superannuation savings – with the aim of making a lifetime of difference to workers’ retirements.

Key advantages of industry fund superannuation include:

  • history of strong, long-term investment returns
  • no commissions to agents
  • no entry or exit fees
  • run only to profit members
  • low administration fees
  • choice of investment strategies.

IFF is an incorporated association made up of the CEOs of 24 of Australia’s largest industry superannuation funds with over 5 million members with superannuation assets valued at $200 billion.

IFF works behind the scenes to ensure the benefits of superannuation are protected so all Australian workers can continue to enjoy the security in retirement provided by Australia’s universal superannuation system.

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