Unions WA

UnionsWA is Western Australia’s peak union body, representing over 40 affiliated unions and their members.

Representing over 150,000 West Australians, unions provide an opportunity for employees to join together with others in their workplace and their industry and have a say about their pay, their working conditions and about what happens at their workplace.

The idea of working together with other people – in a workplace, in an industry, or in your community, is one of the central driving forces behind unionism. The same principle applies within UnionsWA.

Working as a group, all WA unions speaking together on behalf of their members can provide a stronger and clearer voice when it comes to issues that face working people and their families.

Not Just Workplace Issues

UnionsWA does not just speak on workplace issues. We also liaise with indigenous and ethnic communities, and social justice groups. Because issues facing workers across the globe are common we work with trade unionists from other countries. We are also affiliated to the national peak trade union body, the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU).

Conservative governments try to portray unionism as old fashioned and unnecessary, but tens of thousands of working people across Australia will tell you something very different – that their union gives them an opportunity to have a say over what they are paid and it gives them some security in their job.

For more information or to contact UnionsWA visit www.unionswa.com.au

A Brief History


The Trades & Labor Council, Perth was formed in 1891 and operated as such until 1907 when it re-emerged as the Western Australian Branch of the Australian Labour Federation.


Twenty years later, in 1927, it was operating as the Australian Labor Party (WA).


It continued in this guise for another twenty years when, in 1947, the name was changed once more, this time to the Trade Unions Industrial Council (ALP, WA) to more accurately delineate its trade union role from the political motives of the labour movement.


In 1963 the Trade Unions Industrial Council (ALP, WA) was deregistered and the Trades & Labor Council of Western Australia was formed to fill the void.