United Voice

United Voice is an organisation of over 120,000 Australian workers, united by our belief in the dignity of workers and the right to fair and just treatment at work. We are an active union, and we are passionate about organising to win.

United Voice is one of the largest and most diverse unions in Australia. United Voice members do essential work in hundreds of different industries, sectors and occupations. The five main industry groups are: property services (cleaning and security), hospitality, children’s services (childcare and school admin), health & aged care, and manufacturing, mining & miscellaneous. Read more about the industries that employ United Voice members.

What we do

United Voice is a smart and ambitious union that acts on the values of fairness, compassion and equity. In the workplace, United Voice gives members the skills and courage to successfully organise and run campaigns that create quality jobs. Through union delegates, United Voice helps to negotiate better collective agreements and awards, and provides industrial advice to United Voice members.

United Voice is currently running several national campaigns to improve the lives of workers and reform entire industries; better jobs better hotels, Clean Start: Fair Deal for Cleaners; and BIG STEPS in childcare.

United Voice is affiliated to, and plays and active role within the ACTU – the peak body representing all union members across Australia. United Voice is also active within two global union federations –Global Union UNI and IUF.


United Voice traces its history back through over 100 years of fighting to improve workers’ lives. Many different unions have come together over the years to form the present day United Voice:

  • Federated Miscellaneous Workers Union (FMWU)
  • Federated Liquor and Allied Industries Employees Union (FLAIEU)
  • Australian Government Workers Association (AGWA)
  • QLD Ambulance Employees’ Union
  • Australian Leather and Allied Trades Employees’ Federation (ALATEF)
  • Sugar Workers Employees Union of NSW
  • Hairdressers Union of TAS
  • Operative Stonemasons of SA
  • Federated Life Attendants of VIC
  • Metropolitan Soap and Candle Manufacturers Employees Union of WA
  • Life Drivers Union of SA
  • Watchmen, Caretakers and Cleaners Union

They have all been committed to building active, worker-led organisations. The benefits we all enjoy today were won by the collective struggle of workers who came before us.

Visit the United Voice website for more information.