Wave Hill 50 years on – media coverage

National Museum acquires iconic Bedford truck from the Wave Hill walk-off

A piece of Indigenous land rights history is set to leave to the Northern Territory after local heritage authorities gave permission for a rusting Bedford truck to be sent to the National Museum of Australia (NMA) in Canberra.

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The truck made about 15 trips during the Wave Hill walk-off years
Freedom Day TV spot (YouTube)

Our History, Our future.

Address by ACTU Indigenous Officer Kara Keys
To the ACTU Executive and Indigenous Leadership Conference
Tuesday, 16 August 2016

ABC Late Night Life: Celebrating the Wave Hill walk-off

Listen online Phillip Adams interviews Robert Roy, Gurindji traditional owner, director Gurindji Aboriginal Council
Felicity Meakins, Senior Research Fellow, University of Queensland, School of Languages and Cultures


Freedom Day Festival
In August, there will be a major event at Kalkaringi to mark the fiftieth anniversary. This site has images of Gurindji life today.

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ABC RN Sunday Extra: Wave Hill 60 year on

Discussion with ACTU Indigenous Officer Kara Keys and ABC radio, Speaking Out, presenter Larissa Behrendt.


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