Equal opportunity

Equal opportunity is about ensuring that everyone in the workplace gets a fair go and is not discriminated against.

If you have the right skills and qualifications to do the job, your employer has to give you the opportunity to show your worth, regardless of your:

  • Sexual preference
  • Religion
  • Political opinion
  • Race

And regardless of whether:

  • you are a man or a woman
  • you have a physical or intellectual disability
  • you are a new migrant or from a migrant background
  • you are young or old
  • you are married or single



Equal training opportunities

You should receive the same opportunity to attend training sessions as everyone else who does the same job as you.

Equal chance of getting a promotion

You should have the same chance of getting a promotion as everyone else who has the same qualifications and experience.

Same skills + same qualifications + same work = equal pay

Everyone with the same skills, who does the same work, or work of equal value has the right to receive the same pay.

Enjoy the same conditions of employment

Your conditions of employment are the terms under which you agree to work and include your wage or salary amount, number of working hours and the times in which you work. You can have conditions of employment that are different to your workmates, as long as the reason for the difference is not discriminatory.

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