Fashion statements at work

Fashion and self-expression can clash with the demands of the working life. This Investigation looks at how far workplace appearance rules can go.

Image may be important to you, but your boss might have different ideas about what’s appropriate to wear in the workplace. You may think your pink hair is the coolest, but what if you turn up to work and your employer tells you it is unacceptable? What are you going to do if you don’t like your uniform?

Get into groups and discuss the following debate topic:

Workers should be able to look as they please and wear what they want, provided they do their job correctly.

Do you agree or disagree? Please explain your answer. Share your views with the class.

Think about this: How and why do you think the following things can influence how you look at work?

  • Uniforms
  • Health and safety
  • Food handling
  • Front of house
  • Office (meeting with clients)

Australian Curriculum Links:

Work Studies/Year 9/Career and life design: Gaining and keeping work
Identify the importance of rights and responsibilities for employers and workers.

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