Discover your dream job

Stuck for careers inspiration? Use our checklist to discover your dream job and how to get there.

Think of a job you would like to do

Write a job description

What would this job involve, day-to-day? What would you spend your time doing?

Do some research and find out what qualifications you will need to get this job

A traineeship, university degree, TAFE Certificate, apprenticeship? Include details of possible courses you could do to get this qualification.

What subjects would you complete?

Have a think about what subject you would be interested in completing during your final years at secondary school if you were interested in this job?if you were interested in this job?

How much money would you expect to earn in your first year in this job?

Consider your ideal salary in your first year.

What would your life be like if you were doing that job?

Would you be working long hours, would you be working outside or in an office, on your own or in a team?

People will always have differing opinions about what makes a job good or bad. A busy, high-pressure job might seem exciting and challenging to you, but someone else may find it stressful. Working a long hard day in the great outdoors could be rewarding, or it may be tiresome and overwhelming. Everyone is different.

Swap your results with the person next to you. What was different about their ideas? Discuss your similarities and differences with the class.

Australian Curriculum Links:

Work Studies/Year 9/Career and life design: Career development and management
Recognise the importance of self-awareness in career and life design.

Work Studies/Year 9/Career and life design: Gaining and keeping work
Investigate formal and informal recruitment processes:”researching the variety of processes employers use for recruitment.

Work Studies/Year 9/Skills for learning and work: Work skills
Investigate a wide range of occupations, and the skills and personal qualities required in these fields.

Work Studies/Year 10/Skills for learning and work: Work skills
Focus their learning strategies on personal and work-related aspirations

Work Studies/Year 10/Skills for learning and work: Work skills
Explain the range of skills and attributes necessary to work effectively in the 21st century.

Work Studies/Year 10/Career and life design: career development and management
Apply knowledge of self to career decision-making processes.

Work Studies/Year 10/Career and life design: The nature of work
Analyse emerging approaches to work and the implications these have for workers to be flexible, proactive and responsive

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