Young worker blows the whistle on underpaid staff

The Fair Work Ombudsman has accused a coffee shop in Melbourne of underpaying its workers by up to $83,000, with amounts allegedly owed ranging from $45 up to $17,103.

Many of the workers are international students from non-English speaking backgrounds, and a third of them aged under 21.

They were allegedly paid only $8 or $10 per hour.

The Fair Work Ombudsman claims this has resulted in underpayment of their minimum hourly rates, weekend and public holiday penalty rates, casual loadings, minimum shift pay and a clothing allowance.

The Ombudsman was tipped off by an employee who made a complaint.

If you ever think something is not right at work, speak up. It can help you and the other people you work with.

Full details of the case can be found here

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